lunes, 27 de agosto de 2018

Good Chef Mia Khalifa

 Retired pornographic actress Mia Khalifa had a brief but prominent career in the adult entertainment industry. 

 Within months, the then 21-year-old became probably the most sought-after word in places like PornHub, but her almost immediate fame came at a higher cost to her mental health, self-esteem and security. 

 In a podcast last Tuesday, February 27, with former cyclist Lance Armstrong, Mia Khalifa revealed why she turned far from the pornography industry, a period of her life she describes as her "biggest mistake. 

 After gaining fame, Khalifa was widely criticized in her native Lebanon on her behalf career in pornography. However, it was when he appeared in a porn film wearing a hijab that the Islamic State took it as an offence. 

 LadBible reports that, along with the threats, their self-esteem problems also had a lot to do with it. Khalifa says she was "young and foolish" when she decided to enter the porn industry. After leaving pornography, Khalifa began an equally brief career in a sports commentary program on YouTube, which he's left to generate his own project to be broadcast on Twitch. 

 Armstrong and Khalifa agreed they both know what it feels like to want to get rid of a stain in the past, because "in the event that you Google Lance Armstrong, all articles start with'suspended cyclist '", while when you look for Khalifa, first thing you see is'porn actress '. 

 Khalifa will begin to reinvent herself again, searching for other careers (as a streamer at Twitch, as an author and perhaps as a cook), and hopefully you will have no longer images of her beheaded in ISIS propaganda.
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